Saint Alban's Anglican Church

Committed to sharing Christ's Commandments: To love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves, through worship, education and outreach.

Who was Saint Alban?

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Saint Alban is the first British martyr, dating from circa 200AD, when Britain was still under Roman rule. In an act of sacrificing his all, Alban, a lay Christian convert, gave up his own life by impersonating a Christian priest, saving the priest from a death sentence to be administered by pagan Roman soldiers.

The priest had time to escape the region as the guards thought their job was finished, and the spread of the Gospel in Britain was enabled by Alban's sacrifice.

Saint Alban represents the contributions of lay Christians in the mission of the church, and was chosen by the parishioners of our church to exemplify the quality of the lay leadership, we pray we are enabled in by the Lord's Grace.

Alban is one of the most common church names in the Anglican Communion worldwide because he was the first British martyr.